In 1911, the explorer Hiram Bingham III unexpectedly found the spectacular stone ruins of Machu Picchu.
This discovery raised some tantalizing questions…

Why had the ancient Incas built this citadel high in the misty mountains of Peru?

How had it remained hidden for centuries?

Was Bingham—as many suspected—the real inspiration for Indiana Jones?

Or had Bingham actually lied about the achievement that catapulted him to world fame?
Mark Adams decided to search for some answers by retracing Bingham's original route. But before long, as usually happens in Peru, things began to get a little weird…

"Mark Adams crisscrossed the Andes and returned with a superb and important tale of adventure archeology. A bold, compelling account of Machu Picchu's enduring mysteries."

~Sebastian Junger, author of War and The Perfect Storm

Mark Adams is the author of the acclaimed history Mr. America, which the Washington Post named a Best Book of 2009. A writer for many national publications, including GQ, Outside and the New York Times, he lives near New York City with his wife and children.
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